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Stop Identity theft

Identity theft is the # 1 Crime on the Internet.

You may already have become a victim of the Hackers, and Identity theft.

You don't need to do anything special to become a victim of identity theft yourself.  If you pay bills on-line, visit eBay, MySpace, Twitter or other social networks, you are more prone to indentity theft than you are aware.  The first thing that you must remember is that the Hackers have spent almost every day (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) at finding out how to get into your PC.

Traditional Firewalls and Virus scanners are not enough. In fact the slower your PC has become, the more prone to identity theft you are.  New security threats are developed daily, and recent one's permit the hackers to monitor your key stokes in real time, as well as let them reconnect to your bank, while you are on your PC!

Individual tools or packages are not enough.  However, I have a  multi-layered defense system which has proven unbeatable in protecting you from Viruses, Spyware, Trojans and most all Malware.  This is so effective, I use it myself.

Are you are surfing the web with a blindfold on?


Unless you have a network analyzer checking all of the sites on the internet, you might as well be surfing the internet with blinders on.

You don't know where the Hackers are waiting for you.  They could be on Social Networks (Facebook, Myspace ...), pretending to be your friend, or they could have placed a virus into an image on a website that you visited today. 

I have seen all of these and other tactics used to get personal information, and also infiltrate individual computers.

Trust me it is much easier to prevent identity theft from happening on your computer, than it is to try and receover from identity theft after it has occured. 

How long do you think that this recovery could take?  Weeks?  Months?  Years?

This proven and reliable method has been my 'cure' for PCs running windows for sometime.  The best thing about this is that the same approach for Microsoft Windws XP also works for Windows Vista as well.


Hi my name is Albert Whale, I am a Security Consultant and the President of ABS Computer Technology.  I've worked on computer systems for more than 24 years, and have seen the evolution of the PC (and other systems) evolve from 8 kilobyte machines to today's PC systems.

My company exists on the internet everyday.  I have learned the hard way how to protect and secure my company's computers.  The packages we developed for servers work extremely well for Unix and Linux systems, but I still wanted to be able to protect the Windows based PC.

I will show you how to improve your PC's Security, and also how to prevent identity theft from your computer.

I am also the father of six children, all of which have found their way to a computer I set up for them, or onto my wife's computer. 

Nothing seemed to wreck a computer faster than one of my kids playing an internet game on the computer.

After they spent a few hours playing on the Free site, I would end up spending DAYS trying to remove the sludge from the internals of the PC.

That was before I developed the easy way to keep my kids and wife's computer free from the onslaught of the Internet.  After that, I installed the technique on my Family and Friends computers.   And finally, I installed the same techniques on the computers of my customers.

This technique that I have developed is what I use and recommend for maintaining a clean PC.

The best part about this technique is that it will also eliminate the unwanted exploits which have found their way onto your machine.

I will supply all of the tools that you will need (they are available for FREE on the Internet), and you can then stop buying the Annual subscription for your current Symantec, MacAfee or other Firewall solution. 

My techniques have been proven to protect all of the systems I have deployed, and they are safe from Identity Theft, PC Viruses, and unwanted Spyware as well.

Rest assured that this process is the same that I use to protect my personal laptop, from Malware, Hackers and identity theft.

I have used my laptop in consulting engagements in around the world, in unknown networks, in areas where hackers are very active, and my experience has been reliable.


If you are interested in protecting yourself from identity theft, Internet Attacks, and Malware from the Internet, this system really works!

You can decide to protect yourself now, or try to recover your PC and Indentity later.  What can you lose if your identity is stolen while you are on-line?

Your PCs Security is the first line of defense in how to stop identity theft from happening to you.  My multi-layered approach is the first thing that you can do to stop identity theft.

If you are serious, my approach will help to stop the attempts on your computer, keep it running faster, and save you money as well.


Save money now!

OK, if you have gotten to here you need to know that this information will save you money.  First of all, I am going to get you out of the rut of paying an annual software license fee.

If you have recently scanned your PC and the software has found a virus, do you think that it is protecting you?  Well it's not.  In fact the software vendors do not want you to know that it was their software that let the virus (or other malware) on your PC in the first place.

Think about it.  When you scan your PC, do you want to find a Virus or another problem?  (the answer in NO)

I'll show you how to configure your PC, and how to scan it, and have it run automagically for you.

Here is what you you will get in the guide.

  • Access to FREE copies of the Software I use (remember I said that I would get rid of your license fee)
  • Professional grade firewall which detects outbound traffic (requests made to the internet from your PC), so you can Block updates for viruses, worms and other malware.
  • A step-by-step guide on the installation of the software, including the use of the tools for stuborn malware
  • A pictorial guide included in the use of the tools
  • Peace of mind that your security is better than it was before.


The software I have been using has been reviewed by the Isrealli Security team.  The comments from the Isrealli security team were: 'Fantastistic!  Finally tools used by security professionals, and you are giving them away for free!'



"Albert installed his tools on our PC, and since then it has been running faster than when we first got it.

His tools are working better than the software we had installed on it."


James Burn
Millvale, PA

"I had multiple problems with my computer, and friends were constantly trying to help by installing different software.

After Albert cleaned out the crud and installed his security for my PC, my computer runs faster, and I know that I am safer on-line as well.  Friends don't let friends fix thier computer."

Dr. Joe Kiray
North Hills Spinal 






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