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There's No Free Lunch for Security

No Free Lunch, Internet Security Included

There is No Free Lunch

We have all used services promising the best of free security: blocking unwanted ads, keeping junk mail where it should be, and various viruses that can infiltrate our hard drives.  Add-ons for a few dollars a month guarantees your data be protected while combing websites like Facebook and Twitter.  However, protection for next-to-nothing gives you security that is just that: next-to-nothing.

Hackers once accessed company information for fun, to prove that the internet and the businesses that rely on the internet could be easily infiltrated.  With most, if not all companies not using computers daily for various activities, it is important that small business and the like understand the benefits of paying for true online protection.


Small Business to Internal Corporations and everyone in between

Hackers are everywhere and they already know more about your networks than you do.

Small businesses and midsized companies are overwhelmingly becoming the fastest-growing target of security hacks. At least 75% of hacks in the last year have been in the small business sector.  And all of those small businesses lead to one goal: the business they do that has been outsourced to them by larger companies.

One quick click by a hacker to a small business server can lead to leaked payment information of large corporations.

Sony and Target are just two corporations whom have been attacked through their small business connections, making the top-dollar security they pay for even more crucial to their business.

But is the money they spend enough?  Education on internet and business security reaches down to the lowest person on the totem pole, often leading to a private contract with a small business.

Reports published earlier in 2015 cited that 90% of small-and medium-size businesses are shockingly taking no steps in securing protection of their private data.  The simplest of phishing scams is leaked through small business servers, leaving other data wide open for hackers to access.

What was once a free lunch through an antivirus service quickly leads to a breach costing thousands of dollars.


What You Can Do

Take back your freedom and be secure again.


As the cost of cleaning up a hacking situation dramatically increases in our internet age, so does the price of providing services against it happening.  Where can a small business owner begin before a hacking situation starts?

First, ensure employees are not accessing online material that could compromise the security of your business.  Private email should be not accessed through business internet connections.

Additionally, employees should be discouraged from using workplace computers for ecommerce or any form of their personal banking information.

Second, a proper email system that works against phishing and corrupted files protects your servers against the kinds of innocent email opening that leads to computer system failures.

If your company is using online forms to encourage potential customers to inquire about your business, make sure that your online databases are also protected. 

An email sent to your customer service representatives from a phishing service may look as innocent as a real customer, and include phrases that can lead your staff into believing that files attached to an email are from a customer themselves.

Lastly, taking the time and effort into researching your security options are the most important.  When considering a service to protect employee, customer, and financial data for your company, it is vital that the service cover it all.

Data Protection Isn’t Free

As a business small business owner, every penny counts.  But if you are not paying for a service, how safe, secure and private is it really?  Making those pennies work for you and your business is even more important.  By protecting your business and its customers, you are guaranteeing your security is as important as the product and services you offer.

As a simple anti-virus protects against viruses infecting your computers, it does not take into consideration the tricks and ways of a full-blown security hack.  And this is where IT Security steps into place. 

In an ever-changing world, the price you pay for your small business internet security is small compared to the tens of thousands more you may spend on recovering from an attack.

IT Security, Inc. is experienced in both the regulatory compliance, as well as security solutions which are essential at protecting the environment from Security breaches, Data ex-filtration, and compromise.  When you expect results, IT Security's experience helps keep your networks and data, safe and secure.


Albert E. Whale is the President and Chief Security Officer for IT Security, Inc, a security consulting company focused on the Security of the Applications, Cloud, Internet & Network based resources. IT Security, Inc. works with organizations to assess and resolve issues with their enterprises, focusing on getting security done right.

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