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Best of Pittsburgh Award for Systems Engineering Consulting


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Computer Consulting, Network and Internet Security, Spam Elimination, Web Hosting

Computer consulting is where we initially started.  We built the first billing system for Independant Telephone Companies using a Database.  We built the first Linux based ISP in Western PA.  We have many more firsts, but our company is based on the needs of our customers.

Our experience in Unix dates back to 1985, and we've been supporting Linux since 1993.  Our Hosting Services (email & web hosting), offer security as part of the service, not an add-on you pay more for.  We are Open Source solution experts.

Call us today, and we'll get your project moving forward with experienced experts to support your project needs.

We are a Veteran owned business.

Are you at risk?

We are showcasing the recent Sony Playstation Attack, and other security events in an effort to inform you that you are not safe.  We urge you to call us and have us review your security plans, design, policies, and monitoring.  Let us show you where to look for the issues which put you at risk.

LulzSec may not be as famous as Anonymous in their hacking attacks, but they are certainly making a statement in their recent attacks.  You really need to review your Security with our experts, at auditing and testing. Today is the best day to start with your company's security efforts.

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computers are insecureABS Computer Technology is an International leader for Linux and Unix Consulting Services in computer networking, internet security and systems technologies. We specialize in working with Small to Global Businesses (including ISPs), to support their Networking, Security and Management needs in local and global environments. Our Active Defense solutions enable better security, comply with Federal Business requirements, and protect the business from unwanted access, loss of customer data, and business reputation.

We pride ourselves in providing specialized solutions for our customer's networking, Linux & Unix Consulting, Security, IDS (intrusion detection systems), IPS (intrusion prevention system), self defending networks, enterprise management, systems administration, application development and deployment.business conference room Internet security and Internet solutions are our specialty. ABS is also the local expert for Systems Administration, Security, Networking, Administration, Performance and Capacity Planning, DNS, Web and Mail Services, SPAM/RELAY/UCE Rejection, Enterprise Security and Management solutions and Connectivity. When problems happen, we're the ones to call. ABS has significant experience in eliminating hackers, improving security, Database Administration, Linux Consulting, Unix Consulting, Networking, Email, Web Hosting, SEO and Forensics.

Our SpamZapper® Hosting and Filtering Solutions has filtered more than 60 million connections, in just the last two years. Our email security & spam filtering permits businesses to use Email for what it was originally designed for. To send and recieve email, not spam.  Using our Internet security solutions, we are able to defend our networks, and clients from internet attacks.

We also perform Unix Security, network scanning, penetration testing & security assessments, risk reduction, enterprise management solutions, computer forensics, and consulting services. We are Open Source solution experts, and we treat Security (and our solutions) like they matter, because they do. After all, your identity is as important to you as our reputation for protecting it.

Pennsylvania is just one of many states that have adopted a Breach of Personal Information Notification Act. This Act requires organizations to notify it's customers when they have been compromised, and their personal information has been lost or stolen, exposing them to identity theft. If you use the internet, Security is more than just an appliance or a firewall, it is essential. We have the experience necessary to evaluate, design, deploy and implement improved security solutions for your company.

ABS Computer Technology - is the best website for keeping you secure for email, internet and security solutions online now at affordable prices. Giving you the best services in California, Nevada, Pittsburgh, Texas and USA.

We have solutions for Small, Regional, and Global organizations. Protecting your environment before problems occur will more than pay for itself in lost time, revenue, intrusion reports, and other problems.

ABS Computer Technology, Inc. - We always provide "A Better Solution."

ABS Computer Technology, Inc.
519 Nichols Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Phone: 412-635-7488
Fax: 412-635-2546

Winner three years in a row


We were just notified that ABS Computer Technology is a repeat recipient of the Best of Pittsburgh Award for 2010 and 2011!  In fact the US Commerce department has indictaed that  less than 1% of the 2009 winners were repeat performers.

We are truely honored.

Best of Pittsburgh Award for 2009, 2010 and 2011

The US Commerce Association has awarded ABS Computer Technology, Inc. the Best of Pittsburgh award for Systems Engineering and Consulting.  The US Commerce association indicated that less than 1% of the 2009 winners were repeat recipients in 2010 as well.

The USCA "Best of Local Business" Award Program recognizes outstanding local businesses throughout the country. Each year, the USCA identifies companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and community.

ABS promotes Security solutions for companies using our Best Practices, and established security solutions.  Please feel free to contact us here for information about how we can protect your business, both internally, and on the internet.

Is your PC Slow?

If your PC is running slower than before, you may have been hit with Spyware, trojans and Viruses which your existing PC software cannont detect. 

Do you feel comfortable with the idea that Hacker may already have control of your personal information, or that they are waiting for you to use your On-line Banking so that they can capture your personal information?

If this sounds like something that could be happening to you, then you need to get the solution we have been using for all of our customers.  Click here -> Slow PC

These tools were just used to free a PC which was using Norton Internet Security and McAfee Virus Scanner.  On this PC we removed more than 1,000 objects which were caught by our Virus Scanner, Malware and Spyware scanner.  The computer now runs faster than it has in more than 3 years!

Speed up your PC, today!

Please take a moment to bookmark our site (or add it to your favorites), so that you can find us again in the future.  We have many helpful tools available for you in the Library section.

Preventing Identity Theft

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing problems on the Internet, and it can happen to someone you know.  How often do you scan your PC for problems? 

Hackers perfect their craft, like the business that they have created.  How often do you scan your PC?  When you scan your PC, do you find any viruses?  If you have found another virus, this is an indication of security problems which your current tools are not fixing.

If you want better security to prevent identity theft from happening to you, get the "Ulitmate Guide to ID Theft Protection" today.

Linux Partnerships

We are proud of our Partnerships with both Mandriva and RedHat software.

When you are looking for support, look to ABS Computer Technology, Inc.  We've been using Linux since 1993.  Isn't it time that you've switched?

Web hosting, and website design.

Our Secure webhosting facility permits us to offer the best CMS hosting services to our customers.  The WebGUI hosting service combines the use of a CMS (Content Management System) which permits you to update and modify the website at will.

Additionally, our hosting service provides the benefit of submission to the major search engines, a free site map, and the ability to update your own Meta Keywords, and Meta Description for your website.

Web hosting info, Contact us for more information.


Check out what is happening in Security and ABS Computer Technology, Inc.


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By aewhale - 9/26/2012 Wells Fargo & Co. failed to deliver online and mobile banking service much of Tuesday. (Wells Fargo & Co. / September 25, 2012)

Beware Osama Bin Laden links
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By aewhale - 2/13/2011 MacAfee reports, Chinese hackers working regular business hours shifts stole sensitive intellectual property from energy companies for as long as four years using relatively unsophisticated intrusion methods in an operation dubbed 'Night Dragon,

Hackers Penetrate Nasdaq Computers
By aewhale - 2/6/2011 PatPending tips a Wall Street Journal report claiming that hackers have repeatedly broken into the computer networks of the company running the Nasdaq Stock Exchange.


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